OctoBounce (1 of 12)

This gigantic bouncer will catch the attention of your guests and drive-by traffic alike. Includes attached slide, blower and one 50ft extension cord.

Accommodates 6-12 jumpers
18’W x 20’L x 20’H

Bubba’s Castle (2 of 12)

This colorful castle will please your prince or princess, no matter their age. Includes blower and 50ft extension cord.

Accommodates up to 6 jumpers
15’W x 15’L x 16’H

Li’l Tike Bouncer (3 of 12)

This mini jumper is a great option for littler critters, providing a place of their own to bounce around.

Ages: 18 months – 5 years
Accommodates up to 5 jumpers
8’W x 8’L x 8’H

Bounce ’n Slide (4 of 12)

A nice combination bouncer. Jump until you can’t jump any more, then climb the stairs and slide down.

Ages: 2 years and up
Accommodates 6 jumpers/sliders
24’W x 22’L x 16’H

Tiger Bounce (5 of 12)

You’ll need to eat your Frosted Flakes to jump on this inflatable.

Accommodates up to 8 jumpers
14’W x 25’L x 16’H

Bounce House (6 of 12)

Great for a backyard birthday party or as an addition to one of our bigger inflatables. This basic bouncer is our most popular.

Accommodates up to 8 jumpers
15’W x 17’L x 16’H

Gladiator Joust (7 of 12)

Use your padded pugel stick to knock your opponent off the foam pedestal. The octagon shaped ring provides plenty of room to cushion any tumbles and allows spectators to cheer for the gladiators from all sides. Includes blower, 50ft extension cord, protective headgear and two pugel sticks.

Suggested ages: 7 years to 99!
30’W x 30’L x 3’H

Triple Defender Dome (8 of 12)

This interactive sports dome offers three players a variety of competitive games. Participants throw, kick, shoot or slam balls into their opponents’ goals or basketball hoops. The dome can also be used as a jumper. Includes protective headgear and game balls.

Ages: 5 years and up
27’W x 26’L x 16’H

Bungee Sport Defender (9 of 12)

Battle it out as each participant competes to slam dunk the basketball or run the winning touchdown in this dual bungee game. This action packed inflatable is for 5 years and up. Adult and child harnesses are included with the rental.

Ages: 5 years and up
10’W x 45’L x 10’H

Ultimate Obstacle Challenge (10 of 12)

Two competitors race each other as they squeeze through a hole, battle through cactuses, climb up a mountain and slide down a 14 foot slide. A great game for larger events. Up to six participants can race at a time. Includes 2 blowers and 2 50ft extension cords.

Ages: 2 years to not quite 99!
14’W x 50’L x 16’H

Giant Double Slide (11 of 12)

You can’t help but notice this inflatable. Adults and kids love to race up the steps and slide down. The size alone stops drive by traffic so be prepared for uninvited guests! Includes blower and 50ft extension cord.

Ages: 2 years to 99!
22’W x 33’L x 22’H

Bungee Run (12 of 12)

This game is a unique alternative to bungee jumping, no cliffs or bridges required. Two participants race against each other and against the tension of the bungee cord. Whoever places their baton furthest wins. A huge hit for any party. Includes blower, 50ft extension cord.

Ages: 5 years to not quite 99!
6’W x 14’L x 6’H

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